Mary Faith Bell, Tillamook County Commissioner,

Position 3

"Being of service is my calling."

- Mary Faith Bell

Tillamook County Commissioner, Position 3.

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"Let's Talk with Van Moe," July 12, 2019.

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"If elected I promise to be accessible to the public, I will have an open door policy and be available by phone, email and in person. I will listen and build relationships and work to maintain them. I will work hard to represent all the people of Tillamook County and I will stand up and fight for what we need. I will bring real solutions to the housing issue. I will support businesses big and small, the dairy industry and natural resources industries upon which Tillamook County was built. I will prioritize infrastructure and I will focus on long-range goals: what do we want for Tillamook County 20 years from now and what will it take to get there? I will serve with intelligence, reason and compassion. Thank you for your vote."

- Mary Faith Bell


Tillamook County Commissioner, Position 3.