(Mary Faith Bell and her son, Carl)



  • Former SMART reader

  • Currently on the Tillamook Bay Community College Board of Education

  • Currently on the Tillamook Regional Medical Center Citizens Advisory Board

  • Currently on the Tillamook Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors

  • Currently on the Tillamook County Tourism Advisory Committee


Mary Faith Bell is a native Oregonian and has lived in Tillamook County for thirteen years. She is the former editor and general manager of the Headlight Herald and is currently the director of communications and marketing for Tillamook Regional Medical Center.

While she worked for the Headlight Herald Mary Faith covered the board of county commissioners meetings where she got a first-rate education in county governance. Mary Faith says, “I learned a lot from attending board of county commissioners meetings. I gained a comprehensive understanding of the important issues in Tillamook County and how local people inform the process. I came away with the belief that the best form of government is local government where there is citizen involvement, communication, transparency, collaboration and people working together for the common good.”

Mary Faith is spearheading a true grassroots campaign with a broad base of support. She has brought together a wide spectrum of Tillamook County citizens and community leaders as her most enthusiastic supporters. Her campaign is helmed by a bi-partisan committee of Democrats and Republicans.

Mary Faith brings a long history of leadership, relationship building and collaborative solutions. She also brings strength of character, an open mind and a willingness to listen.


“There are many important issues in Tillamook County: roads, infrastructure, public safety, tourism, natural resources, the economy and I look forward to diving in and getting to work on all of them. But housing has risen to the top of the list of issues in Tillamook County that call for immediate action. We have a serious housing problem here that impacts businesses, discourages growth and puts our most vulnerable citizens in jeopardy. This is true of both workforce housing and market rate housing. From the hospital to local dairy farms to restaurants up and down the coast, employers struggle to fill positions for lack of housing. We have people who have had to quit their jobs because they couldn’t find an affordable home to rent or buy. We have people that cannot find homes for months on end staying with friends and relatives. We have families living in camp grounds, in tents and in the forest. So, housing must be job one and I don’t want to wait for the election. To that end, I have convened a group of experts to brainstorm creative solutions to our housing problems in Tillamook County.

Overall, as a priority, I want to hear from the people of Tillamook. I want to be certain that for every meeting I attend that I have heard from the people, businesses, and organizations that will be affected. My job will be to carry their message and protect their interests, so having them as an integral part of the process is a must. I will be the most available and accessible commissioner that this county has ever known. I promise you that.”      


- Mary Faith Bell

Candidate. County Commissioner, Tillamook County, Position 3.