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TIllamook Today 2018-10-18 Interview

Here's a little something to go with your morning coffee:

On Friday morning, October 18th, Mary Faith had the pleasure of being on Tillamook Today with Lisa Greiner. The two talked about Mary Faith's campaign, the upcoming forums, the value of the Bay City Fine Arts Center Sunday Pancake Breakfast, emergency preparedness & the model north county's providing, Saturday night's Prime Rib Campaign Fundraiser Dinner at the newly-renovated Fairview Grange of Tillamook, the 221 Women, 1 Voice movement, and more. Delightful banner. Enlightening conversation.

Here's the YouTube video (Audio only).:

Thanks to Tillamook Today for making time for candidates on air. It was delightful conversation. Thank you for making it a free-flowing environment.

Image Source: Tillamook Today w/ Lisa Greiner via YouTube.