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221 Women. 1 Voice. "We have faith in Mary Faith."

221 Women. 1 Voice. "We have faith in Mary Faith."

Yvette Clark went to her computer with the express purpose of typing up an impassioned email to tell her friends why she wanted Mary Faith Bell to be the next Tillamook County Commissioner. What happened after that became a defining, empowering movement of the campaign.

By the time Mary Faith heard about Yvette's email, 221 Women from all walks of life banded together in 1 voice to say:

"We have faith in Mary Faith."

Mary Faith Bell & her supportive team would like to give the loudest of the loudest shout-outs to each and everyone one of the 221 women who banded together to support her campaign for Tillamook County Commissioner. It was above-and-beyon amazing. We're still a little dumbfounded by the support.

Here's Mary Faith in her own words:

Mary Faith also thanks Yvette Clark for her selfless act of simple brillance. We think we plan for everything and believe we've seen it all before. Then something like this comes along. Dumbfounded. Thank you.