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Add your name to the over 300 men & women who endorse Mary Faith Bell for Tillamook County Commi

221, 300, the list continues to grow

When we posted "221 Women. 1 Voice" movement inspired by Yvette Clark's passionate emails, we planned to share the names. We planned to talk about the movement with others. We planned on lively conversation. It all went according to plan.

We didn't plan on how many more wanted to attach their name to the list, endorsing Mary Faith's campaign for Tillamook County Commissioner.

Today we released a list of over 300 who've come together as one voice stating:

"We have faith in Mary Faith."

As told by Mary Faith:

"This list started as 221 Women 1 Voice. It has grown to include the fabulous men who are supporting me and is now over 300 people from every corner of Tillamook County including dairy farmers, loggers, fishermen, retired professionals, doctors, teachers, realtors, community leaders, and young people voting for the first time."

Want to add your name to the list?

Email maryfaithbell@gmail.com and let her know. We'll add you.

It bears repeating over and over and over.

From Mary Faith and her volunteer staff to everyone who's supported her along the way:

"Thank you."

Your support has truly made the 2018 Election season one to fondly cherish.

And, remember: If you haven't yet done so, vote for Mary Faith Bell for Tillamook County Commissioner - Position 3, fill out your ballots and drop them off in the ballot drops before 8pm on November 6th .