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Undecided on who to vote for Tillamook County Commissioner? Here are 5 very Mary Faith Bell things t

So, you still have those bubbles open, and you want to fill them in with a candidate you'll feel good about. Here are 5 things to consider when filling in the ballot bubble next to Mary Faith Bell for Tillamook County Commissioner:

1) A Facebook Conversation with an undecided voter.

Undecided voted Lauren Sheehan wanted more than just fluff. What transpired was quite inspiring conversation between Lauren and Mary Faith:

2) Let's Talk . . . with Van Moe Mary Faith Bell interview.

One of the hallmarks of the Tillamook County election season is when a candidate is interviewed by Van Moe. Check it out:

3) The Tillamook Today with Lisa Greiner Mary Faith Bell interview.

A charming, delightful interview where emergency preparedness and other like topics were discussed.

4) 221 Women, One Voice. And more...

It started with Yvette Clark's impassioned email to her friends, supporting Mary Faith Bell. Now, it's ballooned to over 300.

5) In the Primary, there were 6 Candidates for County Commissioner, Position 3. The 4 who didn't advance to Election Day threw their support to Mary Faith.

If you listened to the "Let's Talk...with Van Moe," interview, you'll know that the other four candidates from the primary who didn't make the November ballot:

  • Kari Mattson Fleisher

  • David McCall

  • Aaron Palter

  • Walt Porter

All endorsed Mary Faith Bell!

Once you've voted, whoever you voted for, come to our Election Night "Thank

You" party.

And, thank you for an incredible Election Season!

We hope this helps.

Now, vote.